Welcome to Sexton Physiotherapy and Acupuncture Offering a range of Diagnostic, Treatment and Rehabilitation services.

After many years’ experience I have developed a precise approach to diagnosis and treatment. The first step to solve any problem is to understand it. In a consultation I listen to how you feel and how a problem is affecting your life. A full assessment then leads to an understanding of the problem, combining my extensive experience with your knowledge of the problem. It is empowering to understand what is going on when a diagnosis is explained really well. A specific treatment plan is then explained to suit you. The aim is to help the body to heal itself and for you to feel well and be able to do the activities you enjoy.

Adapting Clinical Practice to Covid-19

Your safety is the absolute priority. COVID-19 safety protocols are in place and vigilance continues as we now face the Delta variant wave. I am receiving ongoing updates from the ISCP and HSE.
We are working in a new way. We are scheduling carefully so that contact with other clients is avoided. I have the appropriate PPE, a social distancing plan and rigorous hygiene protocols, all of which we are explaining to each client. All surfaces are fully sterilised between each client. Facemasks are worn at all times, and I wear a faceshield also for certain treatments. The treatment room is also ventilated between each client and weather permitting during consultations. I am planning your care to the highest standards. 

I used to welcome people dropping in to the clinic with enquiries, but unfortunately this is not now possible. Clinic visits can now be by appointment only. All clients are screened prior to appointments to make sure their visit can proceed.
Enquiries are still welcome, now by phone, email or the contact form on this website. We look forward to helping you.

July 2021 update:

The clinic is open by appointment only. COVID protocols have reduced capacity, and I am booked up probably to mid August. We are doing our best to facilitate existing and new clients. We are keeping a cancellation list, and evaluating appointment availability week to week.
The appropriate safety protocols are well established and carefully observed. Each person's individual health and the current level of risk is balanced to assess whether an in-clinic visit is advised.
For those who are limiting their contact I have found video telehealth is a very successful way guiding people to improvement. 

At all levels of COVID restriction safety precautions continue, and we are still being guided to minimise the time of in-clinic contact. Therefore we can use phone or telehealth for aspects of assessment and treatment where possible or preferred. 

Adapting to COVID has reduced capacity, so please bear with us if an appointment is not immediately available.
Just email or phone to make an appointment or to find out more. 

Video Consultations are now an essential and useful part of clinical practice.
 Some people may prefer video consultation over coming into a clinic over the coming months and I will support this fully.
Others may choose to stay with Video for the convenience. It has been enjoyable to have consultations with clients from locations only made possible by video - Madrid, Cork, Wicklow ...and even the southside of Dublin!

Looking ahead
We are all adapting quickly to the Coronavirus. The unpredictability week to week means that in-clinic treatments, even when planned, may be subject to short notice change. I will continue to update information and assist clients through the challenges of this time.


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